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For those who wish to take Ævar´s Lupin tea in order to improve their general health – without being ill – it is enough to take on tsp. 2-3 times daily. It can be mixed with fruit or berry juices or other good liquids or taken by itself. You can also mix it with apple cider vinegar – a few drops for children and 1 tsp. for adults.

When you use the tea like this, the best is to fill it into small bottles or into ice cube bags and freeze it. You can then take it out to thaw, as you need it. The tea has a mild blood thinning effect. People on blood thinning medication should not take much of it over a long period of time.

Here my advice for people with cancer

This advice is based on my personal experiences and it is on your own liability to follow it or not. This does not replace your doctor´s advice.

– I would like to point out that one can suffer from allergic reaction to almost anything and supplements, herbs and healthy food is no exception. I do not expect such reactions but it is good to know of its possibility.

When you start with a new food, supplement or herb you should do so with great care.

– I would only start with one new substance/ food at any one time and if nothing untoward occurs within one week, then it should be safe to try the next and so on. This way you can add one after the other of the substances you wish to take and follow their effect on the body.

– If unwanted effects appear then you should stop taking the substance/ food/ herb you have added last and check if the effects subside. This should happen when the substance has been cleared out of the body. Do not take something, which does not agree with you, even if it is good for others, because it is obviously then not beneficial for you.

In my experience cancer is both a persistent and subtle disease, which is difficult to get rid of. Dealing with it does not ask for a halfhearted approach. I have observed that the most success comes from taking the illness very seriously straightaway after its diagnosis as well as making use of everything, which is on offer both in the field of traditional clinical medicine and alternative medicine.

In addition to the lupin tea I recommend the following to my protégées

– Any form of therapy, which improves and enhances your spiritual wellbeing and diminishes stress.

– Anything, which improves your immune system, like healthy food, supplements, herbal remedies, exercises, etc.

– Anything, which improves digestion, in order to make best use of what you eat and therefore stay healthier and more energetic throughout the treatment which traditional cancer medicine offers like radiation, medication and surgery.

Wellbeing and stress

Each and everyone needs to find out for themselves what it is they need to do in order to improve their spiritual and physical wellbeing and reduce stress – weather this is caused by work, surroundings, caused by other people, diet, pollution, electricity or something else.

There is a close relationship between the spiritual and physical wellbeing. In order to fight a disease like cancer the body needs to have all the strength it can possible have.

Stress steals energy from you and you will have less to combat illness. Latest research shows that physical exercise for about 2,5 hours per week parallel to cancer treatment greatly improves chances to achieve and maintain recovery, (see article from 2nd Sep. 20122, link here.exercises-for-relaxation-mind-map-tony-buzan

Find out what helps you to de-stress and practice it as often as you need in order to maintain balance and spiritual wellbeing. Try to do things you enjoy, laugh a lot and have as much fun as possible – create these kind of situations f. ex. by watching comedy on TV, meeting fun people which fill you with happiness and energy. Adopt a positive outlook on life in order to make things easier. Some people have to finally do what they have always wanted to do but never got around to.

Improving your immune system – diet and supplements

I would like to start by advicing you to have a look at a substance named Protocel.

On the following link you can get some idea as to what this substance is all about and how it works:   On the webpage there are further information, also on where to order etc. In the book “Outsmart your cancer” by Tanya Harter Pierce there are described 21 alternative Non-toxic treatments that work and according to the auhors research, Protocel is the most effective one.


There is a theory that cancer is really a form of fungi infection (Candida albicans). Here is a short article on this (in Icelandic) see here. This theory has not been proven but there are indications that this is based on some fact. With the benefit of the doubt we could presume that this is true. Then the first thing we need to do after cancer is diagnosed, is to change over to a “Candida diet”.

In short it means to eliminate from your diet everything that the Candida fungi thrives on, which is carbohydrates. You need to reduce your intake of all sugar to the absolute minimum (also fruit sugar/fructose) in whatever form it may be, also in wheat products and fermented food. It is a good idea to at the same time take a dose of “Ristiltvenna” from the company Sunnan Vindar, in order to clear out excess candida from your intestines and instead improve the flora by taking lactic acid bacteria.


I highly recommend to everyone food, which contains natural enzymes, f. ex. raw food but also food pickled in whey (fermented food) which is easier to digest than most. I also recommend cured shark etc. (shark oil, cartilage). Eat healthy and real food – not something that looks like food but is little more than filling material with smell and taste. Eat lot´s of vegetables, especially broccoli, cauliflower and turnips, (these vegetables contain the cancer reducing substance glucosinolate), as well as dark green leaf salad (K1 vitamin and more). Also good are almonds (soak them in water for a few hours first) and bean sprouts.


Consume sour dairy products like organic yogurt, buttermilk and cottage cheese. In the following link you can find information about a certain mixture of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil, after Dr. Johanna Budwig, which is suppose to have positive effect f. ex. on cancer when used daily: See here.

Avoid all preserved and processed food. Fish and meat should be clean and unprocessed, preferably lamb and foal meat as well as cod and fatty fish. Drink green tea (steep for 5 min.), 2 – 5 cups a day.


Keep having your thyroid checked – if it does not work properly your metabolism will not work right. A well functioning thyroid is the base for good health and the hormones it produces need to be used properly. Many suffer from an undiagnosed underactive thyroid (hypothyroidsm type II)  with its ensuing health problems, although their blood tests come back normal. See article on symptoms and remedies due to underactive thyroid:


Additionally I recommend the following mixture of herbs, vegetables, supplements and lactic acid bacteria, which are known to strengthen the immune system and have a positive effect on cancer patients:

Strong garlic, herbal essence Essiac from Sunnan Vindar or Esiac in capsules from NOW, Angelica from Saga Medica, GSE – Extract or pills, powerful essential sugars and/or Aloe Vera juice from Forever Living and Colostrum from NOW, or fresh colostrum best not boiled, good to mix into f. ex. Build-up, vitamin C 1000mg. daily, Maitake mushrooms (capsules, in health shops), Restveratrol pills, K2 vitamin, B super vitamin and Omega 3 essential oil 2 tsp. = 1gr. daily, birch ash, LGG+ twice daily or other diary products with a lot of lactic acid bacteria, f. ex. Bio-Kult, ProGastro 8 or similar (obtained in health stores). The following article by Dr. Mercola on the site from the 24th Oct. 2012 discusses the latest information about the influence of homofermentative bacteria on cancer, as well as other information see here.


It is advisable to have the vitamin D level in your blood checked and take in this vitamin according to you test results. Latest research suggests that large amounts of vitamin D appear helpful in the treatment of cancer see here and here.

Other foods, which are known to hinder cancer development and can be added to your list of preferred foods: citrus fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), strawberries, blueberries, black currant, raspberries, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, plumbs, parsley, turmeric (also available in capsules in health shops, up to 3gr. a day).


Spicy drink with turmeric:

2 liters apple-or ananas juice, 4 teaspoon Turmeric (Curcuma), 4 teaspoon Curry, 4 teaspoon Ginger, 2 teaspoon Cinnamon, 2 teaspoon grinded black pepper

All ingredints put in a pot. Bring to boil on low heat. Cook for 5-10 minutes on low heat. Sift through a cloth or sieve and put in a glass bottle. Drink 1 cup three times a day.  Stir the bottle before drinking.

Digestive enzyme

I recommend the intake of digestive enzyme with food. When taking strong medication, the digestion is often affected and therefore also the benefit from your food intake. It is more important than often presumed to keep your digestion working as well as possible so that your body receives the energy it needs in order to work properly. Taking in digestive enzyme especially with the main meals will support proper digestion and help with your recovery. In my opinion the intake of digestive enzyme and lactic acid bacteria, which are also necessary for a healthy digestion can make an essential difference for people undergoing difficult treatment.

It is best to start and end the day by drinking 1 dl. of lupin tea and take another dl. around lunch time. You can drink more of it but nothing suggests that more will have greater effect.

Other substances, which are mentioned here above can be taken at other times according to instructions on their packages, so that at all times some substances which activate the immune system are working in different ways in the system – around the clock. It can be helpful to make a daily schedule while undergoing cancer treatment. It is a lot to remember and you should not stop too soon – all these substances can be taken in over a long period of time and everyone benefits from them, especially people with illness. Most health shops have all the substances mentioned above for sale. Aloe Vera juice from Forever Living is sold privately and these individuals can be found around the country and surely one is near you.

Holistic treatment

Today you can find a wide variety of alternative treatments other than those accepted by western health authorities of our time. Treatments like homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, all kinds of massage, essential oil therapy, cranio sacrale therapy, shiatsu, osteopathy, chiropractic, healing, EFT therapy and much more can be named. This is good because we are all different and have different symptoms and needs so it is unlikely that the same works for everybody – wether it may be traditional or alternative treatment. It is obvious and natural that people should get support during their illness through those alternative treatments, which are available, if they are interested. It cannot do any harm and it often clearly improves quality of life and wellbeing even if not all agree on their medical effect.


Finally I wish you all success and good health in the future and may you have a good day today.