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Gola frá Eyri

Andvari frá Stað  f. 2013 & Hæra frá Skefilsstöðum

Our goal is to breed horses of a good disposition, beautiful and reliable, which are fun to ride. We also try to breed good conformation, which results in a good balance of gaits. Our breeding mares today and most of the horses we use for work, teaching and training originate from the breeding farm Eyri in Flókadalur. We used to run this farm for 14 years and when it discontinued its operation we bought the horses and continued with the breeding.


Today we have a group of promising and exciting young horses from good bloodlines as well as a reliable base of well trained older horses and 2 breeding mares which are the sound foundation for our breeding. These horses are mostly used for our courses and training sessions at Finnstaðir – which is also presented on this webpage.

The farm Finnstaðir offers wide open and diverse countryside – from the river Lagarfljót up into the mountains towards Fjarðarheiði. There are areas along the river, which provide a lot of grass, hey fields and mountain slopes with good vegetation. Two rivers with the cleanest and clearest mountain water run through it. These are ideal conditions to raise horses in. They have ample space, diverse grazing and changing landscape in which to develop their skills in initiative, independence, strength, stamina and a healthy good horse sense. This is extremely important in order to maintain the free, sensitive and naturally curious nature of the Icelandic horse. If a good disposition is achieved then such horses are very rewarding partners in all cooperation.