For the love of life, for the love of horses!

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We welcome you to our home Gufuá, a farm located just north of Borgarnes, West-Iceland. This is the headquarters of Harmony.The farm is located on the riverbank of the beautiful salmon river Gufuá and bears its name. Gufuá translates to Damp-river.  The nature is pristine and unique and has very good, horse friendly riding trails away from traffic and other disturbances.

Gufuá is an historic farm. In 1963 the last farmers left there and moved elsewhere and since then no one has lived there … until now, that we came along. In 2017 we bought Gufuá and started rebuilding road, house, stables, fences … in short: everyhing.

Harmony brown

Harmony brown


Now we (Benni & Sigga) live there with our youngest daughter together with our animals, plants, elves and other beings belonging to this area.


Benni is a master horse trainer and farmer and Sigga is earth mother.  At Gufuá there is various things going on and it all rests on the concept of HARMONY.


* First to mention should be the seminars and training sessions which combine the theories of Benni and Sigga with regards to horse friendly training and human development.

Domestication of young horses, training and horse breeding with emphasis on horse friendly methods.

* Sale and design of Benni´s Harmony tack and tutorial material.

* Farming with other Icelandic domestic breeds such as goats, chickens and leadersheeps, according to the “rules” of permaculture;  in harmony with nature and environment.

Craftmanship: Postcards, gift cards, paintings etc. under the label Kúnsthandverk.

* Alternative treatments e.g. homeopathy both for people and horses, courses, presentations and other teaching sessions connected to these topics.

Harmony Purple

Harmony Purple


At Gufuá you can experience Icelandic nature and the icelandic horse, enjoy relaxation and get to know farming and horsemanship which is based on the above described philosophy. It is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself, nature and the horse.