For the love of life, for the love of horses!

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We welcome you to our home Finsstaðir, a farm located just north of Eigilsstaðir in Fljótsdalshérað, East-Iceland. It takes ca.ten minuets to drive there in a car from the Airport in Egilsstaðir. This is the headquarters of Harmony.

Harmony brown

Harmony brown

Today Benedikt Líndal (Benni) and Sigríður Ævarsdóttir (Sigga) and family live here.

Benni is a master horse trainer and farmer and Sigga is earth mother.  At Ferjubakki there is much going on and it all rests on the concept of HARMONY.

* First to mention should be the seminars and training sessions which combine the theories of Benni and Sigga with regards to horse friendly training and human development.

Domestication of young horses, training and horse breeding with emphasis on horse friendly methods.

* Sale and design of Benni´s Harmony tack and tutorial material.

* Farming with Icelandic domestic breeds, in harmony with nature and environment.

Craftmanship: Postcards, gift cards, paintings etc. under the label Kúnsthandverk.

* Alternative treatments e.g. homeopathy both for people and horses, courses, presentations and other teaching sessions connected to these topics.

Harmony Purple

Harmony Purple

At Ferjubakki II you can experience Icelandic nature and the icelandic horse, enjoy relaxation and get to know farming and horsemanship which is based on the above described philosophy. You can reconnect with yourself, mother earth and the horse.

The farm is close to the gletcher-river Hvítá (White River) and along the riverbank the nature is uniquely beautiful and there are very good, horse friendly riding trails. These trails lead up to the old competition-place Faxaborg  where the ridingclub Faxi used to hold their competitions. Other riding trails are also close by and available to our visitors with possibility for longer rides in the mountains close by. 

In short, we believe we´r offering our visitors the world´s best teaching facilities i.e. the icelandic nature.