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Huðnurnar eiga yfirleitt eitt til tvö kið einu sinni á ári. Íslenskar geitur eru ýmist hyrndar eða kollóttar og ýmsir litir í gangi.

Goats usually have one or two offspring once a year. Icelandic goats can be with or without horns and come in all kind of colors.

Icelandic goats are great. They are one of the domestic bloodlines which are threatened to become extinct – just like the Icelandic chicken. We used to have goats at Staður, before we moved to Ferjubakki. Goat meat is becoming more popular around the world and has the largest increase in sales of all meat that is produces by farmers. The meat is lean, full of nutrients and tasty.

Kiðlingar eru yndislegir leikfélagar, fljótir að læra, hændir að manninum og skemmtilegir. Séu þeir tamdir elta þeir mann eins og hundar og hoppa og skoppa útum allt.

Goats are great playmates, they learn quickly, are easy to tame and are enjoyable. If they are tamed they will follow you like a dog and run and jump about.

Goats milk is an option for many who can not tolerate cow´s milk or diary products. Goats cheese has a special flavour and sometimes a special colour also (brown) and it would be great to see some of it on the market in Iceland. In order to achieve this one has to have a minimum of milking goats and we are planning to try this if we manage to build up enough of a stock.

The goat bucks have very large horns when they grow up, but mostly they are very friendly so you do not have to be afraid of them bumping into you, unless by accident because they take up so much space. It is important to tame the bucks used for breeding so that you can lead them to wherever you might want them rather than fighting with them. They can be lead similar to horses. Benni tames the horses and Sigga tames the goats.

Hafrarnir fá æði stór horn þegar þeir vaxa úr grasi, en yfirleitt eru þeir afar geðgóðir svo maður þarf ekki að vera hræddur um að þeir reki þau í mann, nema ef vera skyldi fyrir slysni því þau verða svo fyrirverðamikil.

Goat buck

Kiðlingarinr Askur og Embla.

Kids Askur and Embla.