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Benni's Harmony

Benni’s Harmony

We are very proud of our logos and they of course have a certain meaning – both in the way they look and their colouring. Benni´s Harmony logo was designed by Sigga in 1985 when we began a project called Benni’s Trips which were long riding tours in the West of Iceland and on Snæfellsnes peninsula. When Benni started to produce saddles in co-operation with Stübben in Switzerland in 1995 we decided to keep the logo and to change it into Benni´s Harmony.

The word harmony has always been a central and a basic one for us and our work, consciously and subconsciously. Benni´s Harmony logo is on all riding tack and tutorial material, which Benni has produced.

Our new Harmony logo is the umbrella logo for everything else that we do. It is designed by Axel Jón Fjeldsted at Grafík, and symbolizes body and soul in harmony.

The dragon/worm: symbol of the limbic system, which is in essence the spinal cord and the energy centers. Balance. The circle symbolizes the cycle of life and nature – beginning and end always lie together.

Butterfly: symbol of spirit. A complete butterfly means a complete spirit. Spiritual health.

Harmony brown

Harmony brown. Brown: the colour of mother earth. Symbol of creation, productivity, enjoyment, optimism, passion, emotional connections, harmony and fertility.

Harmony Indigo blue

Harmony Indigo blue. Indigo blue: colour of intuition. Symbol for inner calm and peace, compassion, morality, friendship, honesty, depth of feeling and for health.

Harmony Purple

Harmony Purple. Purple: colour of cosmic consciousness. Symbol of intuition, imagination, cosmic connection of consciousness and body, meditation and artistic disposition.

Other colours, which are used in the logo like indigo blue and purple are used e.g. in connection with workshops or seminars which have then a stronger reference to those special colours and the energy centers which are related to them.