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At Finnsstaðir lives the icelandic sheep-dog Hringur. Like most icelandic dogs he´s a very friendly and joyful dog. He participates in most everything we do and is a helpful herding dog. He does not bark a lot, but barks when he is herding. There´s another dog on the farm also, not as big a Hringur and his name is Moli.

Moli is a a very funny little creature, always happy and easy going and has the role to keep everyone in good mood and being a playmate to both Hringur and our youngest daughter. IMG_4109IMG_7703

Finnsstaðir is also the home of the female cat Ólafia. She´s not a big fan of dogs and wouldn´t be sad for a long time if they would disappear.  She´s a diligent mouse-catcher and Benni´s nr.1 assistant in keeping the stables free of those creatures.