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Icelandic Chickens

Íslenskar landnámshænur

Icelandic chickens

20 Icelandic chickens produce the eggs for our farm. They can roam freely outside of course, feed on kitchen scraps and organic feed (barley) and their eggs are yummy!

These chickens originate from Víðivellir Fremri where they are breed in all colours of the rainbow. They are beautiful, sociable, fun and last but not least good laying hens.

Interesting and food for thought: 

“Genetic potential keeps diminishing and research in the last few years has shown that most of the main bloodlines of domestic animals have exhausted their potential for genetic variety. This is a critical development, which the Icelandic Chicken has not been subjected to, although the breed only encompasses 3000-4000 birds. Research conducted with Icelandic domestic animal stock has highlighted the uniqueness of the Icelandic bloodlines and shown that although their numbers are small, they can offer interesting genetic potential. It is well possible that the Icelandic chicken bloodline could become the source for unique genetic compositions which could be used to genetically improve other bloodlines.“

Taken from an article by Jón Hallstein Hallsson, geneticist at the Agricultural University of Iceland, on genetic research on the Icelandic chicken breed. .