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Það margborgar sig að senda allt slíkt viðhald til þessara aðila vegna sérhæfingar þeirra. Rangt stoppaður hnakkur getur orðið ónothæfur

Maintenance and Service

In Iceland all maintenance is provided by Baldvin og Þorvaldur, Austurvegur 56, 800 Selfoss. Here are two master saddlers Guðmundur Árnason and Jens Magnús Jakobsson who have travelled especially to the Stübben factory in Switzerland in order to study the techniques for maintaining and servicing Benni´s Harmony saddles.

One thing owners of saddles might not know is that the wool filling in the panels needs checking every so often. It is important that experts with knowledge about the saddle type do this and that they use the same wool material. These two saddlers also have all original spare parts, because nothing lasts forever.

It pays to send your saddle to these experts because of their special know how. A saddle, which has been stuffed badly can be rendered useless.