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Retreat – In Harmony

The new riding arena at White River in Borgarfjörður, W-Iceland - one hours drive from Reykjavík

The riding arena on Ferjubakki at White River in Borgarfjörður, W-Iceland – one hours drive from Reykjavík


We invite you to join us for an all-inclusive, unique retreat of health, wellness and relaxation, centered on horseback riding, horsemanship instructions, healthy gourmet dining and relaxation on a farm in West-Iceland.


The way we teach and the way this retreat is representet will open your eyes to new ways in riding, treatment and communicating with horses. It will give you knowledge and skills that will be of assistance for you and your horse for the rest of your life.

The teacher Benedikt (Benni) Líndal, is one of few master Icelandic-horse trainers and riding instructor A. He is an author and producer of the two best selling teaching DVD´s on icelandic horses “Starting horses” and “Training” and the author of the book “Harmony”. He´s also the designer of the Benni´s Harmony saddles and riding gear. Sigga – Benni´s wife, is an educated homoeopath both for people and horses, an Earth mother and an artist, the manager and an assistant teacher.

The teaching is enjoyable, as it is built up of multilateral approach, diversity of methods and play. This creates circumstances and atmosphere that  gently bring out the inner balance that improves your own ability to bond and communicate with horses.


Special custom made Horse-retreats for private groups available


img_1415THE GOAL of the retreat is to widen your horizon as a Horse-Person with riding instructions based on our teaching philosophy. The retreat is designed to balance your body, calm your mind, lighten your spirit and improve communication between you and your horse.

EXPECT: More freedom, more nature, more understanding, more harmony, great conversation and bonding with amazing participants from around the world. In short: more fun.IMG_4628

EXPERIENCE: New knowledge under unfamiliar circumstances on different types of horses. Learn and exercise horse training and communication with horses in harmony between man and horse. Experience the horse from rearing up to a reliable partner under the saddle.

HORSES:  Four- and five gaiting, high-quality horses are awaiting you. The different types of horses are fresh, eager and willing to work and play with you. We offer horses of different ages, according to the different levels of training. You will have the opportunity to tune into the individual horses and respond to their individual needs. That is the foundation for good communication, understanding and co-operation.

Demonstrations, theoretical instruction and training in nature.

PROGRAM: We offer Retreats of three days throughout the summer. It is possible to add to that extra one or two days if the  whole group participating is interested in doing so. Each retreat is a collaboration between the participants and the teachers. Some have the most delight of riding in nature while others want more riding lessons, etc. but all retreats include all of that. No worries, we will find out what suits you and the group best and together we make a plan and work by that.

HOW MANY: The maximum number of participants in each retreat is six persons. You can come alone and join in on a group of other participants. Or you can bring your own group of people who enjoy the retreat together.

DATES: Have a look at the dates for summer 2019 and find out which one fits you best for the experience. If you can´t make use of any of them, send us the dates suitable for you and we will see how we can fit that into our scedule.  

1.Retreat:  1.-3.June 2019.    –     2.Retreat: 9.-11.June 2019

3.Retreat: 17.-19.June 2019.   –    4.Retreat: 25.-27.June 2019

5.Retreat: 3.-5.July 2019.   –         6.Retreat: 11.-13.July 2019

7.Retreat: 19.-21.July 2019.     –    8.Retreat: 27.-29.July 2019

9.Retreat: 2.-4.August 2019.    –   10.Retreat: 15.-17.August 2019

11.Retreat: 23.-25.August 2019   – 12.Retreat: 31.August – 2.September 2019

THE PLAN:  We take you through a daily schedule built by a professional horsetrainer and an alternative therapist – mindfully customised to each visitor or team. You will experience concentrated horse work on our farm and in the fantastic riding area. The different training methods are tailored to the individual horse. Informative talks,discussions and clinics in a relaxed environment enhance your learning success. Short and long ridings are included in the program along with the teaching. In addition, you will approach riding and interaction with horses from a different angle through Sigga´s input as a homoeopath and Earth-mother

FACILITIES:  The retreats take place at Gufá in Borgarfjörður, West-Iceland, one hours drive from Reykjavík. For our longer ridings, we will be riding through beautiful areas in Borgarfjörður, through rivers and up into the mountains.You will stay in a guest house close to the farm, but also have access to our stables and house where we eat and have theoretical instruction in a cozy atmosphere.

ORGANIC & LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD:  We support organic, homemade quality food, produced by local farms and you will receive well balanced meals wether you are a vegetarian or not. So, expect to eat fabulous, fresh and abundant meals

REQUIRMENTS AND RIDING SKILLS: Participating in the retreat requires some experience with horses and horse riding. It is not suitable for beginners, but is great for leisure riders and up to  competition riders.  There is no emphasis on traditional competition in this retreat though.

TIME WITH YOURSELF:  Spending time in a relaxed atmosphere creates the space needed to release emotions, energy and stress. Whether you spend that time in the stables, with the other participants or yourself in the beautiful surroundings of the farms, along the Damp River – some “time with yourself” will have it´s place on your daily schedule. Prepare for Horse-talk, a camp fire, bright summer nights, hot tubs and swimming baths, pure water and fresh air. Relax, enjoy the wonderful light summer nights and immerse yourself in the world of Icelandic horses.

PRICE:  The price is 312 EUR/day for each person. Included is riding-retreat, horses, riding eqipment, helmets and food during the course time. Also if needed, transportation to and from bus-station in Borgarnes.

Accommodation is in a guesthouse on a neighbour farm, and has to be ordered and paid for seperately.  

In order to reserve a place on a retreat, a deposit of 100 CHF per/person needs to be paid.


For further information and for booking, please send an e-mail to






 “It was a fantastic week with so much fun, very well trained horses, great nature and a nice warm and friendly family”. Malin Messelth, Sweden.


A highly successful “complete package” which we can recommend to all horse people”. Patricia, Michaela, Linette, Gitte & Vibeke from Switzerland and Denmark.

“We couldn´t be happier and we do hope to come again very soon.” Karen Thorman, Katrin Polla, Béatrice Messieux, Henriëtte Deckers and Sonja Stranne from Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and Sweden.










“Loving, warm people, wonderful horses, everything just came together perfectly !  Susanne Schneider, Switzerland.


“For a short while, we were allowed, to dive into a wonderful world, where nature, people and animals still live in Harmony”.   Milli Hirschi, Lara, Lena, Kathrin & Susanna from Sólfaxi, Switzerland.


                                                                                   “Like in Paradise”.  Mikael Weder, Switzerland  



You took us into a world of which we have long dreamed, into a world of horses, which we can not imagine more beautiful”.  Family Errass, Switzerland.img_5474-2

“From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your hospitality and the great food. We enjoyed our stay very much. Hopefully we´ll meet again soon.” Pie, Monique, Vreni, Anja and Kathrin from Switzerland



“With many new impressions we now move on and look forward to the next visit.”  Karl Studer, Manuela, Thomas & Daniela from Switzerland