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New Saddle from Benni’s Harmony 2016


Portos Freedom is a latest saddle from Benni’s Harmony. The bio mechanical Equi-Soft®-Saddle Tree adapts to back movement.

The seat of the bio mechanical tree is divided into two parts, facilitating freedom of movement and relieving pressure on the horse’s back while adapting to the rider’s movement.



The less constraints, the greater the chance that the horse stays positive. 

Portos FREEDOM is an exciting innovation in saddle making and absolutely unique, especially when it comes to gaited horses and riding at race pace.

The divided seat allows the rider to give directions more clearly to the horse.

Of course this saddle comes with the original Stübben Spring Tree


sigga3The exclusive bio mechanical tree improves aeration around the horse’s back, aiding in avoiding overheating muscles.

The bio mechanical tree and special seat relieve potential nerve pressure, helping to prevent injuries in the reproductive area in both women and men.

A very interesting addition to the versatile saddle market.

A light and compact saddle (7,5 kg.)

Soft and horse friendly panels.

Medium size knee blocks and especially soft under the knee.

Extra padding in the seat, which makes it even softer.

Size (length): Medium

Seat: Medium and deep.

Tree-width 30-32 cm.

Price: 345.000 ikr.

Portos FREEDOM is perfect for the ambitious rider who chooses a harmonic way of developing and training horses.

For orders from other countries than Iceland, please contact your nearest Stübben dealer.