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Saddle Blanket

Saddle blanket

Saddle Blanket

A blue Stübben saddle cover with embroidered logo on both sides. The cover is made from flannel and cotton and protects the saddle from dirt and damage. The cover is machine washable and keeps its shape and size after washing. This cover extends the lifetime of the saddle and is necessary for each saddle.

I used to not be a fan of blankets etc., but in recent years I have used this saddle blanket always and I really like it. It is made especially for Benni´s Harmony saddles, easy to attach to the saddle and does not get in your way. The benefit with such a blanket is that the saddle is always clean on the underside. Salt and hair does not get stuck to the seams, it is easier to keep the saddle clean and you extend the leather´s life time. When the blanket is dirty you simply wash it in the washing machine.

Colour: black

Price: 12.000 ikr. incl. VAT